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Gazon Montréal has been providing high quality maintenance and installation services to Montreal homeowners and businesses for over five years. Gazon Montréal is the solution for all of your landscaping needs from April through to December, and we are available throughout the off-season to discuss and plan your projects for the coming season.


From the beginning, we have insisted on professionalism in all aspects of our work. The end result is a staff that is committed to quality work and treats each property as the homeowner would.


Our clients place confidence in us for the care of their property, and we repay that confidence by delivering personalized service and un-paralleled value. Our mission is to perform the highest level of quality service with fair and market competitive prices.

Quality Service

We believe that providing a quality service goes beyond laying a patio or mowing the lawn. Our goal is to make the maintenance and enhancement of our customers landscapes simple, enjoyable and worry-free.


Our crews are equipped with the best equipment and have received extensive training.


Our Services | Landscaping and Lawn and Garden Maintenance

Gazon Montréal is the solution for all your landscaping needs.

Lawn Mowing and Garden Care

Gazon Montréal offers the following services: mowing, aeration, top dressing, spring and fall lawn cleaning. If necessary, our residential and business customers benefit from reliable services every week or every two weeks. Our gardening services include preparing the garden in spring, planting services (trees, shrubs, perennials), garden maintenance services, pruning shrubs and hedges and the closure of the garden in the fall.


Our landscaping services are tailored to each project so that the owner has a functional and attractive space. We offer a wide choice of services and work closely with customers from the design stage through to completion. Examples: driveways, paths, terraces and retaining walls where you could plant flowerbeds, shrubs, trees, rock gardens, shade gardens and hedges.

Cutting height

The first and the last cut of the season must be made 5 cm while the rest of the season the ideal height is 8 cm so to better fight against weeds.


This practice is good for the environment, it reduces the number of buried waste, but it is also beneficial for your lawn. To grasscycle is to shred the grass clippings and leave them on the lawn. In addition to providing a nutrient supply, grass clippings left on the ground preserve moisture; lawn and more resistant to drought and disease.

Mechanical ventilation of the Lawn

Aeration is to make small holes (carrots) in the ground using an aerator. This practice helps to unpack the floor. Indeed, the combined weight of the snow on the clayey soils of Montreal makes soils too compacted. Aeration allows a better absorption of water, air and all the nutrients essential for the game.

Top Dressing

Top dressing is to spread on the lawn a soil layer. This combined mixture of compost and grass seeds stimulate the soil which over time becomes poorer, bringing new organic matter.

Lawn Mowing

Is carried out in 3 stages: cutting the edges, mowing the lawn and blowing debris. Our team performs this weekly or bi-weekly throughout the summer season. The blades of our shredders & mowers are sharpened regularly to get a clean cut.

The key factor for good results

The combination of these three services is aeration, top dressing and mowing.



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